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Insane Films: World Premiere of “The Joans” with David Cerda


I’m so proud to be able to introduce this band to the world.
I can play some more songs from the set if you like… but you have to tell me!

THis is, “I’m Mad at the Dirt”.
Watch the whole thing- there is a small Yeaster Egg. for more info.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

7 replies on “Insane Films: World Premiere of “The Joans” with David Cerda”

Cerda seems like a genius or at least very clever. Talor Ross seems like avery talented guy — have him on the show some time (I’ve liked him on other shows). It seems like you live in a very artistically talented section of town. The Joans = goodness.

Fantastic! The rubber gloves say it all. You can’t beat a good song about a fruitcake Hollywood dame with compulsive disorders.

As for seeing some more, my response is the same as for all other Cerda stuff I’ve seen – he rocks, The Joans rock. More, more, more!

Note to Richard – another week and your hair will be sufficiently evolved that it can do the introductions for you.

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