ENB #32 Healthcare Consumer Info Special


DIY healthcare since we live in the turd world.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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Nice information Richard, thank you for sharing this stuff. I work in Healthcare (its the only way I can get decent health coverage!). My employer provides disposable stethoscopes for the nurses and medical staff, should they desire. One stethoscope/one patient..a bit wasteful, but helps prevent cross-contamination. Additionally, there is alcohol-gel hand sanitizer dispensers at the entrance/exit of each patient room, actually at pretty much each door in the entire Medical Center. Frequent hand washing is almost fascist in enforcement, and god forbid should you show up for work with an unexplained rash of any kind. Yes, patient safety is Top Priority. Thank goodness I work in a not-for-profit, in which the goal is to improve patient safety and improve services to the community..yes, they would like to not operate on a deficit, but any “surplus” income is used to improve services and programs to serve those in need. It’s really a nice place to work. Please keep up your informative ENB series, I really enjoy them.

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