Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for Gays #3 – Missing Sex Drive

Is it normal to loose your sex drive at 38?

direct link to standard version of video lyps

8 thoughts on “Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for Gays #3 – Missing Sex Drive”

  1. hahahahahaahahh hahaha.

    I fucking love these HONAYE! Dr Lizwood would be very prouds. PLEASE DONT REFER TO IT AS ___

    Just turd set the reck-whore’d straight… I never said nothing about no mikeypud. Do not bring the Rillz into this, MIDGE.

    Good werk.. cunt wait for more Axe Madge Questions.

  2. Oh Madge. You are so wonderful at giving advice! I think you’ve found your new calling! I am thankful that MikeyPod, too, was brave and axed Madge an embarrassing sexually related question. I hope you get more. Let’s try to get that thing from across the pond to axe Madge a sex question, the Steve Whorris.

  3. Madge — wonderful advice column but have you ever given thought to the fact that you may be 24 months pregnant? You face looks thin but the dress areas looks puffy.

  4. Haven’t you ever heard of the emasculate conception?!? Do we Catholics have to spell EVERYTHING out to you Jew-esses?!?

    It also could have been rape. Who knows.

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