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Insane Films: Queen Wilhelmina Saved Us


An interview with my first cousin once removed as she describes her fascinating story of being rescued from the Holocaust.

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Great. Great. Great work, Richard. This is a fascinating story that I do not know too much about. (Funny how our history is selective and full of half-truths). This has inspired me to research why and how my relatives ended up in Argentina in the 40s.

This is an amazing story. It is appalling that so many countries would turn away these people, but it is even more appalling that the United States of America would do so. We are so ingrained to think of the US as a bastion of hope and acceptance, when in reality there are stories like this played out throughout our nation’s history, and even today. We see a modern day version of this in our treatment of those Iraqi and Afghan people who have helped us in our wars in their countries, yet who we do not allow to come into ours. Once again, Holland has provided these people that we have turned away with safety, leading with Sweden in the number of Iraqi peoples who are granted asylum.

I just hope that one day, when Americans are escaping from our own national nightmare, that we are given more opportunity to survive than we gave those that came to us.

Not only was that a good video clip but it also shows what we can do with internet media such as this. With our news and publishing there seems to be “The One Big Story” that gets told as history. This story, though in reality is monolithic and monochromatic, is told as the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Your efforts and efforts like yours help put some real color and dimension back into history.

Today’s film is inspiring.

Very, very well done. We all agree how important remembering these stories is, and how they have to be preserved for posterity. And and I hope (dear Lord I hope) her story reminded us of the SS St.Louis, which was was turned away by both Roosevelt and Canada! (They just made a movie of it: Voyage of the Damned. Oh wait–senior moment–that movie was made in 1976.)

Do we agree about Nazi analogies, I wonder. I agree with the woman in the film-video; I don’t like Bush either, but comparing him to Hitler is, among other things, intellectually lazy. Oh, that’s right (my Alzheimer’s), I’m thinking about this recent article where they say, among other things, “Unfortunately, Nazi analogies are nowadays usually deployed in order to end arguments, not to broaden them.”

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