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Insane Films: Untitled Show Number Four


Special HIV Information
Jack and Dinos Chapman
John Friede
Gilbert and George
Jenny Holzer
Opening and Closing Clips from Handbag Productions‘ The Birds
Theme music by EaViL
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You should bring The Birds to San Francisco. It looks hilarious and should be a huge hit here. You can contact Theatre Rhinoceros or the New Conservatory Theatre. Justin is hella cute. And then there’s Madge. Anyway… marry me, Justin.

PEP is short for Post Exposure Prophylaxis.

Post = after.

Exposure = a situation where HIV enters someone’s body (eg: during unprotected fucking or by sharing needles).

Prophylaxis = treatment for disease.

Things to remember about PEP:
* PEP is not a simple morning-after pill: it is a month-long course of drug treatments.
* PEP treatment must begin within 72 hours (3 days) of exposure to HIV – the sooner the better.
* PEP has common side-effects including nausea and diarrhoea.
* PEP is not guaranteed to work – some people who take it still end up with HIV afterwards.

It can fail because:
* some anti-HIV drugs don’t work against some strains of HIV
* the initial viral load (amount of HIV) in the body was too great
* the virus was replicating too rapidly for the drugs or the body’s immune system to control
* the body’s immune system is already damaged.

However, the sooner PEP treatment is begun after exposure to the virus, the more likely it is to work.

There is no cure for HIV once it has established itself in the body.

Here is an Australian site about PEP:

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