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Insane Films: Untitled Show #8


A free-form show about art and the content of the show itself.

By Administrator

see richard bluestein on wikipedia

3 replies on “Insane Films: Untitled Show #8”

Ain’t no one want turd see some twink shit on a plate and talk about art… unless that twink is the old madge wine-stain. I enjoy the mix of artK and pol-whore-tix. Pulp is not taken, it is lapsed. And yes, stop with the hands.

Advice for roid: push it back in.

I find myself enjoying this program more each time. Justin’s art info is something that I wouldn’t normally seek out, but I find myself being very interested in it in this context (which has nothing to do with the fact that he’s adorable).

Please, for the love of god, do not replace Madge with a twink. Madge’s insight and observation makes this program very balanced and enjoyable.

Also, please don’t worry about Justin’s hands or if he looks at you. It’s all perfectly normal.


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