Insane Films: Carfuckers

Some people have sex with cars.

car fuckers

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    5 thoughts on “Insane Films: Carfuckers”

    1. Yes! I love these posh BBC documentaries about bizarre, fucked up things (ala the fisting guy, the real doll freaks and the amputee fetishists). More please!

    2. I don’t remember any BBC fisting or real doll videos, Burgelapse.

      Herbie wasn’t fully grown – what a paedophile .

      And as for tail pipes being the “anus” of the car… then it follows:

      * a car with a single tail pipe is a Cheryl Merkowski because it has a single ass cunt;
      * dual tail pipes is anatomically “perfectly normal”;
      * quad exhausts… the car is a conjoined twin built for threesomes.

      And spoilers are lyps, really hard, inflexible, acrylic LYPS.

      Perfectly normal.

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