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Insane Films-Ashlee Simpson is Retarded


A parody of Ashlee Simpson’s creative process- fucking hilarious!
Found on Gorilla Mask

By Administrator

see richard bluestein on wikipedia

201 replies on “Insane Films-Ashlee Simpson is Retarded”

i think ashlee simpson is a real artist
and deserves more respect than this.
as a woman i am offended that men would parody a rising female star in such a way as to accuse her of being a whore and a brainless ditz.

remember when she fucked up on SNL?
and was like apologizing at the end and blaming it on her band saying “they started the wrong song and i didnt know what to do!”
which is a lie. hollywood lies.

mmmm, what can i say
for me ashlee rocks, and the only retarded here it’s you music blog spammer!.

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