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Insane Films-Video Blog-04.05.05

Another day in my life. Back from vacation, talking about vlog masturbation, recording with isight and a firewire box, misc stuff.

P.S. uploads via publisher still not working for me. Same error: invalid meta.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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Sorry about your airport drama.
Since I’m the one suggested iVeeZeen. I thought I’d bring this issue up to you too. I realized, when you changed your gain level, it threw the audio and video sync off. I’m not sure if it’s just on my end. But the compressed video is slower than the audio. I realized the same issue on your trial version also.
Otherwise the quality is pretty good, and rather simple to use. I guess, until the bug is fixed, just don’t tinkle with the settings during recording.
Happy Belated Birthday. Mine is a day after yours, on the 31st, same day as Al Gore.
Take care.

Great to see the senseo in action ! & like the hair.
The syncing went a couple of times my end, maybe it was my firefux or maybe ivezeen?
Hope you can sort the isight and m-audio hassles would be great to see a filmed Yeast podcast, do you have an external FW harddrive ? if so try plugging the m-audio in the back of that, rather than having both the isight and maudio directly in the mac, i can run my isight with my maudio this way.

I will try that, but does that mean I will have to use the external power supply for the m-audio, or will the hard drive provide bus power?

hard drive will provide bus power to your solo, I’m using a 410 plugged into a 7200rpm lacie hard drive and havenbt had a problem yet with the isight running along with, actually I lie I had hassles with the new firewire driver updates from m-audios site so went back to the original driver that came with the disc, recommend you don’t install those new drivers.
I hope this works for you.
If it does we the “gentle” will be in absolute yeast heaven !!!!!

the hair is good.
i like hearing your thoughts on the cliquishness of vlogs and stuff. actually i really like the sound of your voice, so even your tech problems are somehow compelling though i normally would never listen to that. openpodcast for video sounds like something we need, some kind of player that grabs recent vids from maybe.

dear chris,
thought of you often last night??.while making salsa??

Comment by jed 05.29.05 @ 5:23 pm

Wow, what a view
Comment by max 05.29.05 @ 6:02 pm

who???s this jed with his hugs?

Comment by Prof. Chris Weagel 05.29.05 @ 8:01 pm

hi chris ??.Liz
I am a Fan and comrade in the vlogolution. yeh thought that ???hugs??? thang would git ya???ll felt it would be kinda Madgetastic.

ps chris I have 4 media based .coms and feel the fool not to get advice from you (a BIG DEAL) as you gots my respect (The Madgester too ) .coms are not up yet
2 new sony hi def z1u???s flow pod ect and what may be one of the best Roland based digital production studios?? audio is my forte???
17 ??? mac book finalcut express hi def right now and full sync ect.
I want to make a site group that can give a vehicle to other Vlogalutionarys aries? areis? shucks??

the dream as it were can not and will not ???be??? without your help and advice?? i can come a few$ (K???s) to get rolling?? the most important thing is I have the sites, gear, bucks, and heart but I am just 1 human and not real computer online savy though I have many years in on this, its just there are people that can create with with this gear also, help, partner, intern, and share points on what will be an IPO in the future.

tagged my real email hope to hear from ya soon?? give ya phn # sends some pics ect.

be well, drive SAFE

hugs ??heh??heh??.heh??..

aman known to some as ???jed???

oh yeh thanks Liz HUG!
Comment by jed 05.30.05 @ 10:32 am

pps hi richard madgester ect HUGS drop me a email… need ya.


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