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QT7 Only. Sorry. Get a Mac.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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Joost, YOu are the progressive sort. HOw could you not have a MacCUntTosh. I’ll tell you what, I will provide the files in a PC-watchable format as soon as google provides a Mac version of desktop search. Deal?

i got a mac.. just to watch these videos. now i may not beable to afford my redbull.

If codecs are so hard to do why was i able to dumpload Vegemite is Yeast? and it looked fine on my pc. ???

There are several alternatives for h.264 playback on the pc, most aren’t free though.

Just installed the latest beta (released May 13), of the renowned opensource player VLC (VideoLan Client) and it played the original (first insanefilms, showing Richey shaving)) h.264 post just fine. It can even handle the proprietary (quicktime .mov) filewrapper.

Of course it is still a beta, but for me it worked straight away, unlike most of the commercial alternatives or the free ffdshow I tried, sofar.

This is the first beta of version 0.8.2, and the latest versions of 0.8.1 also include (some) h.264 support, so those having problems with the beta, should try the latest stable release.

Binaries available for windows and mac osx, for other platforms you’ll need to compile the source yourself.


Direct download:


I’ll download this file, as when I tried to have it play over the internet it stalled.

Plays just fine!!!!

Madge or Richard, please put up the links above, at a prominent location, for all the other windows, unix, beos and whatever folks, as this software works.

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