5 thoughts on “Ourmedia and Archive.org Confusion”

  1. Hi Richard,
    I just went looking for where you talked about paying for bandwidth and found a section of the video where Weagel is talking about Our Media, and you say about .mac, “but now they are limiting bandwidth did you hear about that? Now you have to pay for bandwidth.”

    So that’s where the confusion came from at 45:35 blueweagel073105_100.mov


  2. Thanks Richard. I don’t really hang on the list much. I prefer getting the condensed versions from people’s vlogs. I agree with alot of what you said, some tools are just not as reliable as I need them to be but I guess I get what I’m paying for. BTW I can’t view your content. I tried QT7 and didn’t like it, so it’s all a podcast to me.

  3. It was difficult to understand what you were saying. The picture froze and the sound was very broken. I clicked here right before the ending to comment and suddenly, the sound was fine. I don’t know what the technical problem is but there was one for me. I was watching via FireANT and all other videos played fine.

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