Adam Curtis Century of the Self documentary features Videos

The Century of the Self, Part 1 of 4


This film
is fascinating and for me provided a breathrough in my understanding of how our country works.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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Madge I really appreciate you posting these.

I assume this is from the same group (BBC) that created The Power of Nightmares? Do you know if they sell these in the U.S…. I can’t seem to find any online stores selling ’em?

Thanks so much for posting this. I listened to Bicycle Mark and today and was thinking that I really have to see this. So I open up my Ant today and what do I find? That you posted it!! It’s like christmas only with out the christ shit… and the shopping… and the cold weather… and well okay it’s really more like my birthday… ‘cept it’s October… well you know what I mean. You made my day. Thank you very much.

This is it Richard…. As long as people are able to get enough credit to pay for thier SUV and buy a nice watch, maybe get laid once in a while, they will not wake up to the atrocities that this administration is able to carry out.

thanks for posting Century of the Self. As good or maybe better than Power of Nightmares. I really like the style that both documentary series utilize.

The problem is the sheer amount of archive footage that Adam Curtis used. He created the mini-series with no thought at all to whether he’d have to clear the rights of anything in it for a DVD release.

i am desperate to get all 4 parts of this documentary. does anyone have any leads to the other parts?

thanks so much for posting it.

Yes, this is a must-see to deprogram the self from mind kontrol.

Here’s some fun with photoshop I made after watching this on google video:

Wikipedia on Public Relations: “One of Bernays’ early clients was the tobacco industry. In 1929, he orchestrated a legendary publicity stunt aimed at persuading women to take up cigarette smoking, which was then considered unfeminine and inappropriate for women with any social standing. He initially consulted with psychoanalyst A. A. Brill, who told him that cigarettes were symbolic of the male penis. Therefore, if one wanted women to take up the habit of it was necessary to first connect the act of smoking to the idea of challenging the established male power in society. Women would smoke, he said, if the cigarette was a statement against the male-dominant ways, because this way women would symbolically have their own penises.”

Wikipedia on Joe Camel: “An Urban Legend of sorts is the resemblance of Joe Camel’s nose and snout to that of a penis and scrotum, perhaps as subliminal advertising.”

My grandmother was murdered at age 32 from mouth cancer by addiction to smoking tobacco cigarettes. . My brother is an anti-tobacco class action lawyer who proved that cigarettes are freebased to make the pH a perfect match for the brain and thus more addictive.

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