Intense Screencast About America


This is my Iraq laugh

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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The dildo machine clip is very unnecessary. Horrifying. Faul. I could see the humor in shocking the shit out of people, but still, I’m deaply repulsed. Why on earth would you post a vid of yourself getting drilled? As the slogan goes, “Gay is OK”. Alright, fine, your Gay, we get it. Humans have Males & Females so the species can procreate. If Humans only prefered the same sex, we probably would have died off a long time ago. Homosexuality is a defect in the human species. But that’s not your fault. And Nobody that stays subscribed to your podcast after seeing you take that dildo thinks so either. I have Gay Female & Male friends, but I truley like women, and am not denying anything. For some reason, gay people think that we are all gay and just afraid to admit it. Nope. Most people are not attracted to the same sex. On the Positive, you have a nice site, and that Teacher segment is excellent. Did he get fired for this exposure? Anyway, I could live a lifetime and not have Gay-Hardcore shoved in my face and I’d be very happy. VERY. I’ve unsubscribed to your PodCast. Get some professional help.

I don’t think Madge will be sad to see you go. Oh.. and your homophobe btw.. have a nice life with your ignorance.

This comment is Hilarious! I especially liked the ‘Get some professional help.’ and the profound ‘Humans have Males & Females so the species can procreate.’ comment… I had wondered for years why there are different sexes.

I find it hard to believe that you were subscribed to any Madge’s or Richard’s podcasts or vlogs with the mindset you’re cultivating. Of course, you’re welcome to have these homophobic feelings and thoughts, but do keep them to yourself from now on… Or start your own vlog or podcast featuring heterosexual content. That’ll be fresh and new… Sorry to be sarcastic, but seriously!


Who shoved it in your face? Do you know how to close an application. I saw someone taking it in the ass, but not the face. BTW, I don’t think that this was madge. Madge has a vagina…

Dude! that was NOT Madge (aka Richard).
Why did you subscribe to this podcast if your so sensitive to this stuff?

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