Got it On Tape!


Videoblogged Air Strike from US Soldiers.

With Commentary.

Watch this Video.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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Assholes. I’m glad they got this on tape. Maybe when we get a President who gives a damm, they’ll be court marshalled, or something, just makes me sick.

Assholes? I think what we’re hearing in this tape are the future homeless of America — guys who have been so spun around by the nightmare they’ve been forced to watch with a front row seat that they’ll never be the same. They’ll come back traumatized, have trouble functioning and the same orks that sent them off to war will tell them to get a job as they pass the on the street. It wasn’t often noted in the 80’s, but the so-called homeless crisis in NYC? What were the ages of this generation of homeless? It happened after WWI as well.

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