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Video Journal for 03.22.06


Just a video journal entry.

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Your dogs are fantastic, I am sorry about Juan, did he really die? Is that the same Chauncey from 1993? Wathching this brought back a flood of memories, it was great to see you, you look good. I would love to come up there some time and visit. You were always a good friend and I miss you. Take care.



Oh Jesus, I just watched Boyfriend in a box. I am so sorry, Richard. I had Wayne the cat cremated he is in a chinese urn on my window sill.

Hi, Potsie! Yes, come visit! Can we visit Lori too? SHe’s not far away.

I loved this, very cool. And the length is fine, it just flew by. You carry these things so effortlessly.

Maybe the real stars are Chauncey and Trotsky – so funny, I love the game of tug. I was laughing out loud at their antics.

I’ve got to watch this again now. Thanks, Richard!

That Weagel kid and I are contributors to The PAN. It’s about 15 minutes daily. We occasionally kiss dogs. Good for when you climb back on the treadmill with that iPod.

Also for your viewing pleasure, visit for some exciting video of steroid-induced enlarged clitorides, and the female bodybuilders attached to them. user/pass= insane/films

I would love to see Papai-Larrabie. I am waiting for tax refund then will come up…regards!!! I sent email to an address I have for you did you get it?

Yes, I got it, but I generally do my email replies once a week. I suck.

Just checking to make sure I still have the right address. Will be in touch once I get money. Any ideas on where I can stay? Do you have a couch?

Sure. you can stay on my couch… if you don’t mind dogs jumping on you. I don’t think you mind.

I don’t mind…I will bring food too…we will have fun…I’m thinking maybe around Easter. I still have 2 papers I am working on and am interviewing for a new job with a realtor today so let me get that stuff settled. But I am very excited to come up and visit!!!

Actually, you don’t have to worry about your hair looking like a mullet…that’s when it’s short all along the front and sides, and long in the back. Yours is just–um– “full and luxurious.” Yeah, that’s it.

Trotsky IS adorable and clearly adores you, too. Both the dogs are cuties. Don’t worry about the dog hair, either. I had my drum bags sitting in the corner of my apartment where Sophie (my cat) laid on it, I didn’t notice it until after I recently moved the drums back to Taylor’s house. Unleashing a torrent of pussy hairs into his basement. Gee, I hope he’s not allergic…

Thinking of you! All the best…

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