Insane Films: ENB #1 – New Show Debut


This is Episode Number One of my new show, Eclectic News Breif.


CHINA IS TAKING ORGANS FROM FALUN GONG MEMBERS Permanent link to this item in the archive.

UN IS LOOKIng at it

per Weng Wenl

thousands of thse
This is an intervview the protestor who got arrested (Weng Wenl)
Thanks to Erik from Sherpa Business Systems for the link

Check out China’s Govenrment Web site where they allegedly sell the organs to anyone in the world.
oops the web site is gone. funny
BUT- It’s still in google’s cache!
and browse the removed site at the wayback machine!
The Selection of Volunteers
If you send your personal data to this center by e-mail or fax and accept the necessary body examination in Shenyang , China in order to assure a suitable donor, it may take only one month to receive a liver transplantation , the maximum waiting time being two months. As for the kidney transplantation , it may take one week to find a suitable donor,the maximum time being one month. Although the procedure to select a donor is very strict,, the transplant operation will be terminated if the doctor discovers that there is something wrong with the donor’s organ . If this happens, the patient will have the option to be offered another organ donor and have the operation again in one week.
As most doctors in Japan are highly trusted by their patients, if a doctor acquires high level of accomplishment in transplantation operations, we will invite him to come to our center to do the operation for you.

By Administrator

see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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I like the dog tags rattling in the backround. Also, I don’t know how you kill a lobster but I just plunge it into boiling water, is that what the Chinese are doing? Plunging people in boiling water? Or do they just snip their eye buds off as is recommended by some chefs?

wow – certainly scary news…

Great idea for a new show – content is gripping. But you kinda look like you have helmet hair (I think Kali’s hair looks weird too but it’s just my opinion) – I think it’s the green screen function of that software.

Definitely looking forward to more.

Cali’s hair looks weird because of the way Videocue does keying. I, however, have helmet head because I have not gotten my hair cut since Juan cut it in… when was it? *sigh*

i used a lot of moose.

POtsie- I meant the way you select a lobster from the tank full of live ones. Silly.

Damn she has nice tits. You seemed nervous..was it the tits behind you? I like seeing the content rather than reading or just listening to it…good idea.Im a lazy cunt though.

Great piece. I second the you-look-nervous vote, but I’m terrified of the camera too. If only the lens could emote!

A co-worker at NBC once suggested drinking a cup of hot water or herbal tea before recording and it’s become a ritual for me. It helps relax the vocal chords.

Looking forward to more. See you soon!

I liked the format…although having the video in the background almost made it seem like a news spoof a la “Monty Python,” since it was so incongruous with the subject matter. We won’t forget anytime soon, though! 🙂

I’m looking forward to seeing more, also.

I like this idea! It was well executed. I can’t wait to see where you take this.

By the way, the jiggling boobies add a special touch to your reporting of humans that are exploited for their body parts. 🙂

Excellent! Not that there’s anything wrong with Madge – I love her to bits – but It’s great to see Richard emerging as a calmer and more serious journalist. Your piece kind of reminds me of MTV News (the old ones with Kurt Loader/Dan Cortez, etc.)

Can’t wait to see the next episode!

Good Job!

Oh Oops. Well, anyway I always just choose the biggest one in the tank…
I just finished working for a Chinese realtor. I made it two weeks before I had to quit, most people in the office were amazed I made it that long, so I was wondering how I can contact the Chinese gov’t to see if they might come consider using her, I would pay for the shipping…and yes I am going to hell.

I like the idea for this show, but there are a couple things that need attention:

1. Perhaps you could display something more relevant to new you are reporting on in the background.
2. Your lips need to match your words (I know you know this, but it does bother me as a viewer).
3. I think the lighting is a little too harsh for you…

Otherwise, I’m excited to see what future episodes will entail. 🙂 Oh… and it’s “brief”, not “breif”. 😉

This was a great first show. I too think your background should have been more relevant. Artsy bullshit behind you is great, but the subject matter needed to be handled with seriousness. If you’re going to whore yourself out to godaddy, you’re just as bad as the Chinese government whoring out organs. Otherwise I think it was great.

Yeah, there you go.. put a douchebag behind you next time.. That will get viewers..

It’s a bad judgement to include soft porn with a serious news article.
In the UK we had SKY News owned by Rupert Murdoch that featured nude weathercasters and little bunnies that would look sad when there was bad news.
The article itself was interesting and concise and I hope you develop it into another news item.

I, too, agree that the background needs to be better connected with the news story, but you will not get Richard (or anyone) to listen to what you have to say when you say that someone is “just as bad” as a repressive totalitarian state. I think that was what Richard was responding to (the snark), not the valid comment that was being made.

That said, this was only a first effort – a maiden voyage, if you will. Moreover, Insane Films is still trying to find its legs in terms of how to integrate GoDaddy’s sponsorship of the site. If it continues to happen, then it might be worth getting upset about, but not now.

Not for a first outing. (HH)

PS – I figured you were too tired, Richard, to take up the thread/fight, so I am adopting my attorney’s persona for you here, in your defence. Mea culpa maximus if I am overstepping by defending you, but everyone needs it sometimes.

Marcus wrote “If you’re going to whore yourself out to godaddy???; I’m sorry my last comment was inappropriate I suppose your reaction was to the original comment that set the tone.
I also didn’t read the comments above about the background being intentional.
What was the intended reaction you hoped to get from your viewers? Should the debate be about the liver transplants or about your presentation?
You also mentioned that Falun Gong is a harmless practice, would your opinion be different if their circumstances weren’t so tragic? One of the main teachers of Falun Gong Master Li Hongzhi has racism and homophobia as a part of his philosophy.
They are undeserving of their fate but by saying these people are “harmless??? implies that their beliefs are not being questioned as a brief look at their Wikipedia page would indicate.

As this page is under dispute try:

It was like putting something really hot in one side of side of my mouth and something really cold in the other. The Go-Daddy chick was making me think really hard with one head and the horrible news from China was making me think really hard with the other. It’s kind of a neat concept. Do more.

As for your green screen, it seems as if you got a bit better separation than does Cali. My guess is it’s either better lighting or nicer camera — or maybe its the fact your hair is darker. Keep making more — this should be interesting.

Chris- you’re being very crankly lately. Are no not able to shit all the way? What’s going on with you? PMS?

Anyway- I said the Falun Gong were peaceful, not harmless, and yes, I read that article before doing this story.

Seems to me there’s nothing in Falun Gong that makes it different from any other religion. They all seem to have at least a few fucked up archaic beliefs.

The Chinese Government has been runing a PR campaign to discredit Falun Gong. Western media has not been aggressive in pointing this out I feel because of the fact that China owns us.

Anyway- try a hot water bottle. It should help ease the bloating and discomfort.

A suggestion. You gave the appearance of leaning back in the chair. News anchors always the position of the seat of their chairs at a downward angle from the back. This gives the appearance of sitting up straight, it will also lessen the effect of the double chin. Sorry, it’s harsh, but such is the life of a news anchor. Try it you’ll see what I mean.

I think this is a great idea. The only thing I would say to improve it is to try to look slightly less bored. Some people have characterised it above as nervousness, but I think it just looked like you were bored from reading autocue. Well, we all know you’re very good at ad-libbing, so I guess you will learn to look more natural with practice in this format. I’m looking forward to the next one!

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