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Insane Films: If in Doubt, Shit it Out


Shitting the bloat
I’m not sure who’s footage this is at the nudist fair or whatever it is. IF you know whose it is, pleaes let me know.


The video is mine. It was shot at the Folsom Street East Street Fair in NYC which is basically an S&M event.
It is one of a collection of ten videos I circulated on a DVD at the Q-ME gay media conference in NYC.
Randolfe Wicker [email protected]
Thanks,Randolfe. Sorry for the mix-up. I’ll play more of your stuff soon!

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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I don’t know where the footage comes from, but the interviewer sounded ever so slightly like Ratso Rizzo. He “warmed to his subjects” well, though…;-)

Great shitcast.

I think I figured out one of the reasons you are entertaining, Richard: your mouth (and your face in general).

In many of the videos, you are able to effortlessly express with your face – particularly your mouth – in a way most people can’t do – especially tight skinned hatchet headed people and people who have had Botox. And, from watching some of your older films, it seems to be getting better and more natural. Some of your facial takes on this particular film were priceless.

Kohler Toilet: $159.
Web camera: $100.
Looks on Richard Bluestein’s face during his latest shit cast: Priceless.

I rove turd watch your videos WHORE… but you still have not fixed your god damn audio. It is not that god damn hard to boost your levels so that I dont have to god damn turn up the sound ALL the way in order to comprehend you. I can only imagine listening on an ipod and then all of a sudden you have something loud like trots-keys barking, and blowing out my ear-dumb. Yes… great association with your progrum causing perminent damnage to my ears AND godaddy! Just to prove my point about the fuckedup sound, look at this picture i took of the waveform. CUMON fuckface. FIX the god damn shit!!

Hey there missy,
I always listen to madge in eat this hot show, occasionly on yeast-radio. And this is now the first time i saw the man behind the beast. It’s soo weird.
But anyway, I was wondering, in this footage, madge (or richard ?) typed and it appeared directly on screen, and he also appeared live in screen with the crazy gays.
So this means that its all recorded live? So not separatly taped and with editing software afterwards combined ? Is that kind of a special software you use ? Please let me know, because I’m looking all my life for this kind of stuff and finally seem to have found it.


Well, thank you for sharing! I’m surprised you couldn’t remember where you got the Males-Au-Natural (“Nudists Only!”) video.

It was on the DVD of my videos that I handed to you at the Q-ME Conference in NYC. It even had my beautiful face on it.

Oh well, I’ll tolerate any excess to celebrate your successful and dramatic anal evacuation…complete with excited barking dog.

The face you made at our tatooed friend was most unkind. I’d challenge you to enter an “au-natural” body-beautiful contest against him.

I’m actually the original “great-grand-auntie” of gay radio having been the first homosexual to speak as such on the airwaves in 1962….See the post “Randolfe Wicker’s plea for gay rights in “Newsweek” July
30, 1962″ at

I have lots of fabulous stuff. Watch my vlog “Quentin Crisp Meets The Wish-granting Faerie” parts #1 and #2 at

Now, I’ll have to watch “Midnight Cowboy” all over again.

I have a unique nasal voice which, by many standards, would be described as “bad” (even irritating).

I could have had my deviated septum operated on to change my voice but it is so distinctive people recognize me by it even on NYC Subways when they have only heard me on the radio.

Better to have a “distinctive” bad voice than an ordinary bland unrecognizable one.

At least you appreciated my interviewing abilities.

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