Insane Films: Grizwelda and Me 04.18.06


Lots of fun in Brooklyn

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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Correction: I say “hurt and stink??? and “work it Mary??? to my kids. My kids say, “why do you keep leaving my dutirous???, “King Jesus! — you want sound seeing…???, “ashes, ashes we all fall down???, “Hi, I’m Madge Weinstein from Yeast Radio dot com??? and of course “SAVE THE CHEESE CAKE!??? But, as you can see, who says what is really splitting hairs.

Also I loved the effect of your computer fan speeding up while you shook the camera that was filming you. It looked like you were being hurled through space in a rocket ship.

Lastly, when the yeast hits the dong, we call it a pegina.

BTW: Grizwelda is not fat.

RichTURD, do you listen turd your videos before you post them? In the last two videos your sound has been majorly FUCKED UP. It is usually WAY too soft…. and then all of a sudden gets REALLY LOUD… and then is really soft again. COULD YOU FUCKING FIX YOUR GOD DAMN LEVELS? Christ. And your stupid macbook amiturd fan blazing made me want to slit my wrists–I HATE THAT SOUND. Sorry, sometimes a womyn has TURD be blunt with jew in order for JEW turd hear her. WERK THAT CAMwhoreRA. And GrizWHOREellTurd is HUGE. Obviously she needs lipo honaye.
Love you bunches HONAYE!

And when you do the dual camaras, some times it goes all echoy (sp?). Fix your goddamned shit marry! 🙂

Really liked the videooss and the Cheryl is right about the levels.

As for miss Grizelda, she ain’t fat

Cheryl, you’re a whore. The last one had that echo, which was a bit painful, but this was pretty good. Experimental cuntent, innit.

Richard, is this what you’re using to do this stuff?

If so, why not put a link somewhere visible? It’s shit being a small developer charging almost nothing for software that takes months to write and a lifetime to support. However, my stuff always get lots more attention when people mention it on their podcasts or whatever, esp. if there’s a link in the shownotes.

Grizelda looks fab.

I don’t care about Grizelda’s weight I want to know what happened in Amsterdam…..

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