4 thoughts on “Insane Films: Opening the Gifts from Hollye and Gary”

  1. Nice presents! So nice we get to see them twice – the video seems to restart at about 6:20, without quite finishing the first time around.

    Trotsky and Chauncey could have their own show. Stars.

  2. You made me curious.

    As you were shooting I saw your Sony DV camcorder (which is what I thought you used to do at least some of your filming). I know that at Hollye’s, you seemed to be using a still photo camera that apparently has a video mode on it. So here’s the questions: what were you using for this and what do you usually use to shoot Insane Film?

    I need to do another interview of you just to find out what’s in your gear cabinet.

  3. Generally when I’m moving I use the vx2000 but it’s a pain in the ass what with the tape and all so I just used the cannon a510 to take thse clips.
    When i’m seated at the desk, i’m using the iSight.

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