Insane Films: Video Journal for 04.10.06


jesus sucks chris weagel's balls


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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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Stop teasing. Get on with telling us how you do all the video tricks. That’s hot.

As for the Wanda Vibrator thing being taken off YouTube, there was nothing on there that hasn’t appeared on Monty Python (and that’s usually run on PBS). What a crock of crap-o-la. Give ’em hell Richard. Why don’t you post the actual letter from the J-freak?

Richard, I am so so happy to see you are rediscovering your love of video. It opens up a whole new dimension, both for you, as well as all those vodcasts you share with us. Bravo, friend … Plus, your production quality has gone way up, thanks to the new software, so thanks for that, too.

You told me that like a year ago. What heppened? You decided again? Anyway, prove it. I aint’ gettin’ any younger, Mary.

I think the cell phone commercial was even more disturbing, precisely BECAUSE the woman was wearing a cross. Sort of like Regan and the crucifix in “The Exorcist:” a really disturbing juxtaposition of ideas.

How dare they. I’m offended.


Agreed. Ragan fox is TEN TIMES more disturbing than Wanda Wisdom is fat.

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