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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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fuck didnt I just comment? ah well.. I had written: The subtitle/graphics arent obnoxious, theyre hilarious.. reminds me of popup video… enjoy your shit-coffee.

Five things:

1. I like the look and sound when using the Sony camera. It’s either that or the lighting. What ever, I like it better-er.

2. The subtitles and head shot pop-ins are hilarious. It may be that it was hilarious this time and it would get old soon or maybe it would be hilarious all of the time — hard telling but I respect you for trying it. Don’t become a same-old-same-old.

3. How old is this video? They have a Lawon’s. I remember those from when I was a kid but they all became dairy-mart or something but you could always tell (at least in NE Ohio) what buildings were once a Lawson’s. The appearance of the Lawson’s almost out shown the “Thunderpussy”

4. Please relay to us what the crap-coffee ends up tasting like. That’s pretty fascinating.

5. Lastly, can you use some kind of effect to super-impose a “PNS” in front of the name of the store the alien first visits? Maybe Scott can help you with that.

Looks like that wirecast is working out. I like the Sceince fiction theater 2000 type format you’ve got going.

Quick tip, the films you play you can turn the looping of them off in the wirecast prefs, but you have to do it per film which is a bit of a bummer. Let me know if you need some other help… Cheers to the coffee

Thanks to MikeC for pointing out what kind of camera was used. When I was a Radio/TV student in college, I tried everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) to get my projects to not look “videotaped/like a local commercial” and nothing worked. Good to know digital technology has solved it for us–and probably for much cheaper!

And yes, do let us know how the coffee tastes. It’s a telling sign that we humans will pay over $100 a pound for shit. Literally.

I also love the “Amii Stewart/Knock on Wood” headdress that the Killer Drag Queen wears, and the Porky Pig voiceover effects at the beginning…dialogue is not exactly scintillating, but the effects are pretty respectable and the action is hilarious!

Dear Aaron S.,

All hail her Supreme Highness, Electra Raygun, Queen of Uranus. Dear Human male, I am glad to hear that you like my “headdress”. I will not melt you into a gob of goo. Have a nice day. smooches,

Electra Raygun

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