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Insane Films: Video Journal for 06.29.06 – Haditha and Boy George


My video journal with footage about Haditha and Boy George talking about gay celebreties.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

2 replies on “Insane Films: Video Journal for 06.29.06 – Haditha and Boy George”

hi. enjoyed the show. very brave to speak truth about the terrible mess in Iraq. I have made a video that you might want to put on the show. It speaks to a new and fucked up ad campaign from Dow Chemical. I won’t give you the link here because I don’t want you to think this is spam. But, drop me an email if you are interested. Thanks

At first, it seemed the host was being antagonistic in a helpful way (to give Boy George a soap box on which to stand) but later it looked like he was trying to distance himself from the subject in order to protect his own heterosexual masculinity (which from my corn-fed mid-west USA view looks like it may need a little protecting with that white scarf and all). If he’s actually being journalistic, he’d just let Boy George speak. If he wanted to seem objective yet disagree, he could have just let Boy George speak and said nothing and let his silence speak for him. I bet the host is actually questioning his own sexuality. Get out of the closet Mary!

Frankly, I would have liked to hear more about what Boy George was saying. He was being very level headed about the situation which I believe is good for bringing equality to people with no prejudice to their sexual orientation.

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