ENB#2: Lebanon, U.S. Bankruptcy, Stem Cells, and the far side of idiocy.

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Topics today include Israel’s bombing of Lebanon, Looming bankruptcy in the US, and Stem cell research.

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Nice haircut. It will be interesting to see if the breast thing takes off. I hear they are very popular. Did you get my comment re. my Dow movie? Perhaps you’ll play it on your show show sometime. Keep up the good work.

Glad to see you thinking independently! The trouble with the conflict in the Middle East is that BOTH sides are wrong.

The USA won’t go bankrupt. The spineless politicians will just stand by and allow inflation to wipe out the deficit by reducing the value of the American dollar.

I think I want to start podcasting also. I’m exploring what equiptment to get. Any suggestions or places to read discussions as to which set up is best?

Mmmmmm boobs. I like boobs. Yummy. (droooolll…)

On another note, it looks like you’re getting into your groove with this show a lot more than your last episode (though it was still quite good), your haircut does look nice and you seem to have lost weight (probably the reason you’re bloating out the purple thing even more).

As for your comments, one thing I found interesting was Busch’s comments about the US economy. We used to laugh at the USSR and other countries when they would make such bold statements (“Our president has only a cold” — remember that one? What about “The mother of all battles” in 1991?). Now our leadership is doing the same thing. They look like final gasps of desparation to me.

I like this format even more this time around. Nice job Richard. Keep up the good work.

Richard, Your story telling is tight, serious and dead-on! The graphic banners are very professional (luv them lots), Boobies!?! not sure what that’s about. Hrrrm, Middle East conflict and Boobies… Over-all an awesome job!

Cheers – Darrin

Hello there Richard.

I absolutely agree with you about the aggression of Israël on Libanon, it’s shameless and disgusting to see that world leaders @ G8 are saying that we should remember who started this first !!! 200:2 …

But I would like to comment about the relation between Hesbollah and Iran. This organisation is funded and supported by Iran and everyone knows it, the Israëli, the Arabs and Lebanese. They have no other source of income than from Iran (you can’t buy those long-range rockets with membership fees).

Hesbollah is a Shiite (not shit) organisation, now that doesn’t automatically means they are supported by Iran, but as Iran beeing the only Shiite muslim country – it is fairly believable that they support this powerfull group that is situated between strong Sunni (“opposite” of Shiite) countries (Syria, Jordan, Egypt and the Hamas-organisation).

Well, this means that Hesbollah is a military organisation in a country (thus not an official army whatsoever). They do not have complete support from the Lebanese people. That would mean that they should be targeted only.
But Hesbollah is also a part of the Lebanese government coalition. It has a number of seats in the Parlement. Hesbollah isn’t this much isolated in Libanon, but it is strongly integrated in the country, socially, politically and “infrastructure-ally”. That’s why targeting them, is also targeting Lebanese people !

However, this doesn’t mean Israel has the right to fire at will. With theyre military power, they could be more precise and spare civilians.

Exceptional show. I’ve checked out a few insane films along the way and now both of the newsbriefs and love ’em.

As far as what you stated about the U.S. going bankrupt, I agree. The U.S. isn’t going to be satisfied until it’s degree of debt is equivalent with the average citizen.

Good work, Richard. Much improved over ENB#1, though you still look a little bit worried and hurried. Looking past production values, I really appreciate the journalistic content. Keep it up!

greait show
maybe you should leave out the brests then it easyer to concentrate, i find the idea superb and you did it well now all we have to do is to get fox nn ews to play it

oh and by the way just so you know america only has about 60% of actual credits behind the dollar so if it’s not anymore a uge trading unit it will loose in 1 go 40% of what it is worth

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