4 thoughts on “Insane Films Video Journal for 7.21.06 (Berlin) Stupid Bush Machine and The Mexican election.”

  1. Hey I really enjoyed this post.. good to see tim’s place in the background and your reflections about Berlin are exactly what this world needs to be asking. And take it a step further.. if we can understand how the nazi’s came to power and why and then where they all disappeared to… than what about recognizing the same thing as it develops somewhere else in the world.. today or in the future.

  2. nice show
    well its meltinghot here too fuck switzerland is like a god damed fireball

  3. The Bush Driver video was hiliarious. Where did you get it?

    Also, what was the make and model of that hard disk drive box you got for your camera.

    Lastly, when you put the title up for thegayexpat.com, it was covering the bottom of your face which looked appropriate after the bit on The Voice of the Unheard???.

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