Insane Films: Other People’s Mirrors Web Premiere

Part one of the first feature film i ever worked on. I was the director of Photography for Artvamp‘s master thesis film at The Art Institute of Chicago.

Visit for more information on this amazing artist.

7 thoughts on “Insane Films: Other People’s Mirrors Web Premiere”

  1. wow. Sorry if I’m overanalyzing here but… The guy in the sunglasses, sitting at the table reading in the last scene — seemingly bored and uninterested with what was going on in front of him — he seems to typify something in all of us. Voyeuristic or conscientious? Can’t wait to see the rest of this.

  2. I thought I’d posted a comment here, but wasn’t sure because of the moderation. Listening to YR, seems I hadn’t.

    I’m really pleased we can get to see this at last (especially after the auditions). The intro is intriguing – did what? I’m thinking we’re seeing the end before the beginning but there’s plenty to have me hooked already.

    MORE! šŸ˜€

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