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Insane Films: Video Journal for 9.18.06 – War Music Videos Made by the Troops


Very disturbing. I found some music videos made by a Marine with footage of killing in Iraq. I also found some other vids of questionable origin.

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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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I have saw several of these before, they really disturb me. What disturbs me even more is I don’t know whether these men realize what they are doing, if they are brainwashed, or if to them, its just quick money. I realize there are people in the military who don’t like the situation, however, even with that said its disturbing to watch these people blow up things. Do they know what was in those trucks, do they know what was on those planes, do they know what was in those buildings, do they ABSOLUTELY, BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT know? Honestly, I don’t think they do. What scares me even more is that a lot of these people come back and STILL don’t realize what they’ve done, they act as though they were protecting our country. What bugs me even
more is those peoples families, they act as though if you don’t support the war you are against their child who is in the army. Don’t get me wrong, I feel sorry for the men and women who felt the need to go to war, the ones who were drafted, the ones who were brainwashed into believing they were doing the right thing. I DO believe there are times when we do have to go fight our enemies. My favorite quote from Star Trek sums up how I feel:

JANEWAY: So who is this Seska?
CHAKOTAY: She was a member of my crew, who turned out to be a Cardassian spy. She made an alliance with the Kazon and took over the ship. It’s all right, we got it back.
JANEWAY: Sounds like she’s not going to be as co-operative as the others.
CHAKOTAY: I suggest we take a page from your rule book. We try diplomacy.
JANEWAY: Fine, but the next page in that book says that when diplomacy fails, we need a backup plan.
CHAKOTAY: Something tells me you already have one.

Like the quote above, I STRONGLY believe that we should try and solve our problems diplomatically before we go and blow up things…things that we don’t even know for sure or not whether they are a part of a terrorist organization. As far as I know and recall, correct me if I am wrong, we didn’t even go after the right people!!! That one scene in the video where there is a group of people…whom get blown up, DID THEY KNOW WHO THEY WERE? If we are so technologically advanced, why couldn’t we, I dunno, drop a
net around them instead of blowing them up!!!???

I know I use the term “what disturbs me even more” quite often, however, I am going to use it again. What disturbs me even more is the fact that there are people who will watch these videos and say “They deserve everything they got from us.” BUT THEY DON’T KNOW WHO WE ARE BLOWING UP!!!!, THERE IS NOT A FACE ON THE PEOPLE WE ARE BLOWING UP! There are even people who I know, personally, who have said “We should flatten them and put up a Wal-Mart!” That, truly makes me sick.

I don’t know about you, Richard, but, I don’t want to leave the country, I want to leave the planet!!! I want to be in another quadrant, another planet.

I don’t know about you, Richard, but, I don’t want to leave the country, I want to leave the planet!!! I want to be in another quadrant, a distant galaxy, another planet.

Just how long will it be before WE, the USA are reprimanded for devastating an ENTIRE country?

OMG, the last video made me disgusted.

Can the USA dig its grave any deeper than this? Stuff like this just insites global hatred.

Something bigger than 911 feels like it is just around the corner. Images like this of troops revelling in destruction fans the flames of self destruction of the US.

It happened in th UK to our amazement, the threat could be easily come from within your borders too.

I’m sad, very sad.

OK, the Kill-A-Rican made me chuckle…Madge, you still have a problem with Fausto?? Why would you include that clip if you do not have an issue with the FOF?

The other clips made me feel disgusted and proud at the same time. Too bad they were a combination of Still Pics, Actual Footage, and Game-Generated effects. I want to see some video of the same quality, created in NY with video of the towers falling..intercut with the beheading vids that the Al-Jizz media posts..and ending with some computer-generated effects of Nukes exploding above (removed by the Commitee Of Political Cowardess)

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