Eclectic News Brief #4: Bush Licensed to Kill, Condee’s Stairmaster, and Neocons Part2


topics include the so called anti-terror bill, condolezza’s warning before 911 and part 2 on neoconservatism.

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interesting… When I try to tell you that they US was complicit in the Sept. 11 attacks you said dismissed me as a conspiracy theorist and that I was severly mentally ill. Yet you find it important to point it out that cutalezzy refused to meet regarding an impending attack? So do you believe that she is simply derilict in her duty or is she complicit in these crimes serving at the will of the president. I really hope that you answer this.

You’re hitting hard Richard. I like that. This time, even though I thought the girls behind you were hot, I ended up using more of my brain to listen to the words you were saying.

There is no evidence whatsoever that the U.S. government was complicit in the 9/11 attacks. How those attacks were used afterwards to promote the neocon agenda, however, is another matter.

Incompetence and bad governing is not the same as being complicit in a terrorist attack.

Michael- Cali uses Videocue which does real time chroma keying of the green screen. It’s very high quality but I find that by keying out the green in post, I get better results. I just use the Primatte Key which comes with Apple’s Motion. Also- I stay as far away as possible to the screen behind me to avoid reflected light.

BTW: I also use Videocue Pro, but I just use it as a teleprompter. Cali uses it to process and produce the footage as well.

One more thing: Apple’s motion has very high (32bit) precision which results in better quality effects processing- but you have to set each project for that specifically. Oh, you don’t have a mac. After Effects with the Keylight plugin does an excellent job of chroma keying as well and you can use it on a PC.

so you believe that the fact that simulations were being run on Sept 11 that simulate planes flying into the towers is coincidence/incompetance? Is is coincidence/incompetance that on 7/7 that date of the tube attacks simulations were being run, simulating tube attacks? incompetance that in 2001 fighter jets were scrambled 66 times to get commercial flights back on track, yet nothing was done on Sept 11? Is it incompetance that rules were changed to restricted only Bush, Chenney and Rumsfeld authority to order fighter jets to intercept just 4 weeks prior to sept 11.

I do not see imcompetance, I see carefully executed plans, Bush is a rube but the guys running the show are smart, powerful and competant. Any Bill that they want passed they get passed. They have figured out how to control all 3 branches of government in a short period of time. And as the latest bill passage displays they are using this power to enforce marshal law in this country. That is not hyperbole, read the bill. I do not dismiss this rise to tyrany to fortiutious hapenstance as you suggest. Either way Richard we are where we are and that is passing through the threshold of dictatorship.

Erik- Your’re talking about two different things. The tyrany of this governement is undesputable based on its Orwellian initiatives. But, see, there is EVIDENCE of these bills.

None of these items you present above related to simulations are evidence. None whatsoever. Frankly, it’s just silly. My Dad teaches thermodynamics and he can’t understand how an intellegent person can come to such drastic conclusions while completely bypassing science. THere is NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER. Conspiracy theorists are embarassments to themselves and to the progressive causes which they often share with rational people.

Considering how much this cultist government has benefited from 9/11, it’s hard not to wonder how much they knew before the attacks. The official explanation has alot of holes in it.

John Conyers has said that he will start impeachment proceedings if the Dems win back the house. This is likely why the habeus bill was passed so quickly.

I have been thinking about getting a code pink shirt for a while. I love those ladies!!

I don’t see the tie between science and politics here. Science is also not discounting any of the evidence that is presented. The memo that you speak of in this video is evidence, for someone whos job it is to act on this intelligence non-action IS COMPLIANCE.

As a human being we create beliefs based on past experience. Based on past experience it is true for me that this administration is implementing an agenda that uses the United States government and people to secure global domination for few elite people. There is plenty of solid evidence to demonstrate this. Holding this belief and given the facts, I circumstantially conclude that this administration is complicit in the attacks on 9/11 and 7/7. For many people making this true for themselves requires that they change a core belief that they have about the United States.

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