Insane Films: Exclusive Scenes from Caged Dames and Interview with its Creators

Exclusive scenes from one of the hottest new shows to hit Chicago: Caged Dames, along with its Creators, who I will name when I’m not Jet Lagged out.

4 thoughts on “Insane Films: Exclusive Scenes from Caged Dames and Interview with its Creators”

  1. I’ve heard of David Certa through you and others. It was nice to put a face with the name. Also, you got some nice shots from the show, too.

  2. I really enjoyed this, especially the clips of the show. I wish I could have saw it. I love when the woman says she’s pregnant and the other woman says “Thanks for reminding me” and then punches her in the stomach! LOL! Great editing job too!

  3. A good interview that leaves me wanting!

    Listen to me, David Cerda. I have been watching this and laughing so loud with every clip it kills me to know that I will probably never see Caged Dames in full. I could have seen it on Richard’s computer in Milan, but since we weren’t staying in the same place and didn’t have enough time, I couldn’t.

    So, if at some point in the future you think you could allow Richard to serialise it on the internet with dumb intros and your web site address emblazoned across the bottom like he’s done with Other People’s Mirrors, I know I will enjoy it as I’m sure will plenty of others. Thanks! 😀

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