Insane Films: Max Keiser of Karmabanque and Al Jazeera


Max creates and stars in tv programs for Al Jazeera’s new English TV channel. He is one of the few videobloggers to crossover to broadcast TV.


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see richard bluestein on wikipedia

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Great chat, thoroughly enjoyed watching it. We give the planes etc to Saudi because its good money and their regime is more ‘on-side’ than the population as a whole, we want to support the regime, and part of that means arming them. And we provide and operate most of the associated infrastructure, I dont think theyd get far using it against us.

The apparent threat about al-qaeda was that they would stop sharing intelligence about what AQ were up to. I dont know if that was a bigger factor than the French sniffing around trying to take over the arms deal.

The dollar and Euro stuff is interesting, Ive half-followed it for a few years but it doesnt get mentioned very often on the telly lol. This BBC story today says that Iran is now asking buyers to pay for oil in dollars, and Venezuela thinks this is interesting:

Venezuela mulls euro oil switch

Fun. Still I cant see that its in China and otehrs interests to help speed the dollars decline right now, they have such fun making goods for export to the USA. Is there an old saying ‘america spends, asia lends’?

yeah about that arms deal bribe scandal they did a lot of programs about it in different news channels here.

regarding what you said i do not think Saudi Arabia buy weapons to “destroy America”. last time i checked Saudi Arabia was one of the biggest US allies in the region.

and about “al-qaeda is the muscle of Saudi Arabia” WHAT?!
al-qaeda is a bigger threat to Saudi Arabia than it is to the US.

I’m not defending Saudi Arabia here. I’m the last person to do so. Saudi Arabian government has lots of problems and shit but those you discussed doesn’t make sense.

love your progrUm honayyye..

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