Insane Films: Retro Video Journal 10.25.01

A bad mood about a month after 9/11.

direct link to std large ipod media

7 thoughts on “Insane Films: Retro Video Journal 10.25.01”

  1. Oh how things have changed over the past few years.

    That orange ash try was for only the truest of smokers. I have a set of friends who, last time I checked, still smoke like chimneys who owned one or two of those. The fact you quit after that — hats off to ya.

    BTW: next time, try a soft fleece. You may not itch so much.

  2. Smokey. I liked this and I’m sure the sentiment is as valid today as then, with artists replaced with fat bloggers.

  3. Mmm, ‘dem nips be lookin’ good, honaye!
    Were you hangin’ @ the Berlins around that time? You be looking mighty familiar. LOL

    Oh, BTW, you’re right. The blue haired one does not have a chin.

  4. Art schools are often stuffed to the gills with hopeful but ultimately unproductive wannabes, unaware that what they’ve entered into must sift all its contenders into a pyramid structure. The sells-outs exist at the apex. At least here online its been better.

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