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Insane Films: Dog Party

A movie from the montly meetup of Italian Greyhounds and their owners on the west side of Chicago.

italian greyhounds playing

CLICK HERE for direct download of std. ipod media

Insane Films: Thus Spake Grizelda II: Rank BVA

Who’s vagina is more rank than mine?Hmmm… mine, perhaps?Thus Spake Grizelda #2

direct download link to large ipod/iphone media

Insane Films: Cher Teaches Madge Weinstein Yoga *IN STUDIO* LIVE

Cher came over IN PERSON to my humble abode and gave me senile yoga lessons.

cher yoga madge

direct download of large ipod file HERE

Insane Films: Trotsky’s Birthday with the Sloeries and H

also Duc Sloerie does a Madge Impersonation.

trotsky birthday bluestein hollye

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