Insane Films: Religion: Root of All Evil? (part 1 of 2)

The God Delusion
with richard dawkins

Religion: Root of All Evil?

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Insane Films; Sonavachicken by Piotr Tokarski

Underground film about a man and his chicken… I think. Film by Piotr Tokarski starring Gregory Jacobsen with Matt Mardsen.


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Lesbian Sex Tips #11: How to Have Sex with a Washing Machine

A gentle woman asks Madge how to get off on a washing machine. Madge reply with an instructional video.

how to have sex with a washing machine

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Insane Films: Thus Spake Grizelda #1

We made this in 2001. There are several films in the Thus Spake Grizlda series. This is the first one.

Thus Spake Grizelda #1

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Insane Films: “The Presentation of the Rose” from “Der Rosenkavalier”

An amazing performance from The Met’s 100th anniversary gala in 1983 starring Frederica von Stade and Judith Blegen.

der rosenkavalier

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