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Insane Films: Water II (last night in Barcelona)

at Plaza Catalunya

direct link to big ipod version

soundtrack by Rachel’s Band via Mikeypod

Insane Films: Ducks, Mostly, in Amsterdam

ducks, mostly

Direct Link to Large iPod/iPhone Version

Insane Films: Just Like Shakespeare from Reefer Madness the Musical

A scene from the last of Handbag Productions‘ summer camp series.

Insane FIlms: Helena and Jayzus

Sexy drag diva Helena Handbasket sings of her Lord while she fixes her hair.

Insane Films: World Premiere of “The Joans” with David Cerda

I’m so proud to be able to introduce this band to the world.
I can play some more songs from the set if you like… but you have to tell me!

THis is, “I’m Mad at the Dirt”.
Watch the whole thing- there is a small Yeaster Egg. for more info.

Team Robespierre Live at LIT in Brooklyn

Watch Grizelda and her motley crew perform their brilliant music. Retro – Water -1999

CLICK HERE to watch the short I made in 1999 about water set to Philip Glass’ music from Einstein on the Beach. Eric Rice’s video post about the same subject inspired me to repost it.