Insane Films: The Great Kugel-Off – Bernice Harris Part 1

over five years in the procrastinating!
(large ipod version)


Insane Films: Cleveland Vlog 05.25.07

Video Blog on the way to Ithaca.

Insane Films: Scenes from Cerda’s Staged Reading of Charles Busch’s Die Mommy Die

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Insane Films: Boo Bays

this is real good


Insane Films: Special Ed

Exploitation of retarded people.


ENB #25 Iran, Blair, Bush, I.P., cloning, google censorship, snow melting, no pay for troops, still more fatties, more.

Implicit Authorization for War

Bush admits he ruined Blair.

More I.P. Nazis

Dr. Moreau is alive and well and living in England

Murdoch trying to buy Dow Jones

Google does evil.

Lots of snow melting in Antartica

Collapse and fragmentation of Iraq

Bush says troops are paid enough

Diabetes costs to soar
Chromium in drinking water causes a little cancer.

Virtual people leave more carbon than real ones.

Spread of privatization questioned finally.


Insane Films: Dooty Journal 05.17.07

I know what I’m doing.


Insane Films: Behind the Scenes at TiKL

Listen for the soft peeps of Cheryl in the


Insane FIlms: Helena and Jayzus

Sexy drag diva Helena Handbasket sings of her Lord while she fixes her hair.


Insane Films: Shishaldin, Cheryl, Lyps, and Dicks

Come with us to NYC where we visit LYPS and Shishaldin‘s penis collection. Cheryl is very ugly in this.
Brad helped too.


Insane Films: World Premiere of “The Joans” with David Cerda

I’m so proud to be able to introduce this band to the world.
I can play some more songs from the set if you like… but you have to tell me!

THis is, “I’m Mad at the Dirt”.
Watch the whole thing- there is a small Yeaster Egg. for more info.


ENB #24: China’s Poisoned Fields, Stealing the Water Supply, and Canada Wants YOU!


Transcript Follows:

Insane Films: Hollye

A made a nice video about Hollye Davidson. I think you will like it.
Visit Hollye’s web site and podcast:

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