Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips #10- Frozen Bananas in the Vagina

Becca asks, “Should I freeze this first?”

lesbian sex advice for gays

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Insane Films: Drag Queen Spillover (Dragedy)

Drag thing Sue Nami takes a mean spill in the Miss Serenity “Beauty” pageant of 2006.

drag queen falls

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Insane Films: True Confessions at Halstead Market Days Chicago

David Durall and I went out and played a game with the attendees of Halstead Street Market Days- the gayest street festival in the midwest.

old man

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Insane Films: Working Assets Donates Thirty Percent of Your Slave Labor to China

Remember when Working Assets was that nice little phone company that marched in gay pride parades? Well now they want to make you China’s bitch.

working assets donates yours to china

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Insane Films: White Trash Home Movie #5: More Queefing Vagina Lady Uncunt

By popular demand: More footage of the gross womany who queefs out Steve Vai’s birthday cake and then deep throats a carrot for him.

queef  vagina carrot

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Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for Gays #9: Taterbugs, Getting Eaten Out, and Glory Holes with Hagatha and Madge

Hagatha learns us about glory holes and taterbugs. Madge helps a young lady get her pussy ate.

taterbugs hagatha madge weinstein lyps

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Insane Films: Cher Teaches Madge Weinstein Yoga *IN STUDIO* LIVE

Cher came over IN PERSON to my humble abode and gave me senile yoga lessons.

cher yoga madge

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Insane Films: Penny Pin Chang Celebrates Chinese New Year of Rat

For the first time, Chinese Un-Bloated Jewish Lesbian Penny Pin Chang reveals herself to all. Perhaps Miss Cheryl is next?

Penny Pin Chang yeastradio madge weinstein

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Insane Films: Divine Sings Jungle Jezebel in 1983 at The Hacienda in Manchester

Divine Sings Jungle Jezebel in 1983 at The Hacienda in Manchester

jungle jezebel divine

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Insane Films: Mondo Ford

Mondo Ford
ricardo fratelli

Was Gerald Ford involved in the JFK Assassination?

Mondo Ford

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Insane Films: Lesbian Sex Tips for Gays #8 – Size Queens vs. Chub Chasers and Maximum Enema Liquid

Hagatha explains the difference between size queens and chubby chasers.
Madge answers a question from David Cerda about Enema play.

lesbian sex advice for gays chubby chasers and enemas

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