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Insane Films: The Woman at the End of the Road from David Cerda’s The Birds

from the play written by David Cerda and Pauline Pang. Directed by Scott Bradley. This scene features Tracy Repep as Tippi Hedren as Melanie Daniels and David Cerda as Suzanne Pleshette as Annie Hayworth.

direct link to large ipod/iphone version.

Insane Films: Geornies with George (part 2 of 2)

and part 2:

direct link to ipod version

Insane Films: Behind the Lyps with Dutch TV Part 2 – Don’t slice ’em off!

with a new sponsor- introduced by Cheryl Merkowski in a RARE VIDEO APPEARANCE HOANEY!, since I don’t drink and I want truth in advertizings 🙂

direct link to standard version

Insane Films: Weird mashup of evening news and campy movies from 1999.


Insane Films: Just Like Shakespeare from Reefer Madness the Musical

A scene from the last of Handbag Productions‘ summer camp series.

Insane Films – Would you like mayo with that? (xxx)

bitchy customer gets what the waiter thinks she deserves

Insane Films: The Joans Sing “Joan Wins”

David Cerda’s “The Joans” featuring two Joan Crawfords!

Insane Films: New Song from David Cerda’s “Caged Dames”

You have one last weekend to see the critically acclaimed campy and LESBIAN campy “Caged Dames” before it (hopefully) goes to New York.

Special thanks to Matt Blender of Okaysoradio. for running the 2nd camera, which was lent by Peter of Windy City QUeercast.

Insane Films: Exclusive Scenes from Caged Dames and Interview with its Creators

Exclusive scenes from one of the hottest new shows to hit Chicago: Caged Dames, along with its Creators, who I will name when I’m not Jet Lagged out.

Insane Films-Bible Study-02.13.05
Join our old friends Heather-Marie, Victoria LaMar, and Fausto Fernos in part two of the Lesbians on Acid series. Camera & Editing by Richard Bluestein