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Nex in Line, Please!

The famous lady at the Corner Bakery at Jacksons and Washington in in line please corner bakery

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Insane Films: Thus Spake Grizelda II: Rank BVA

Who’s vagina is more rank than mine?Hmmm… mine, perhaps?Thus Spake Grizelda #2

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Insane Films; Sonavachicken by Piotr Tokarski

Underground film about a man and his chicken… I think. Film by Piotr Tokarski starring Gregory Jacobsen with Matt Mardsen.


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Insane Films: Thus Spake Grizelda #1

We made this in 2001. There are several films in the Thus Spake Grizlda series. This is the first one.

Thus Spake Grizelda #1

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Insane Films: True Confessions at Halstead Market Days Chicago

David Durall and I went out and played a game with the attendees of Halstead Street Market Days- the gayest street festival in the midwest.

old man

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Insane Films: Water II (last night in Barcelona)

at Plaza Catalunya

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soundtrack by Rachel’s Band via Mikeypod

Insane Films: Behind the Lyps with Dutch TV Part 2 – Don’t slice ’em off!

with a new sponsor- introduced by Cheryl Merkowski in a RARE VIDEO APPEARANCE HOANEY!, since I don’t drink and I want truth in advertizings 🙂

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Insane Films: Ducks, Mostly, in Amsterdam

ducks, mostly

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Insane Films: A Goddess’ Goddess

Goddess Kring is what every womyn should aspire to be.

Special introduction by Madge Weinstein


Insane Films: Annonying Space Alien Guy

with bonus transthingite

Insane Films: Go-Go Kitty Go! by Erin Quinn Percell & Greg Jackson (highlights)

Some scenes from the second staged reading of Handbag‘s Summer Camp series.

Insane Films: Boo Bays

this is real good

Insane Films: Hollye

A made a nice video about Hollye Davidson. I think you will like it.
Visit Hollye’s web site and podcast:

Insane Films: Exclusive Scenes from Caged Dames and Interview with its Creators

Exclusive scenes from one of the hottest new shows to hit Chicago: Caged Dames, along with its Creators, who I will name when I’m not Jet Lagged out.