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Insane Films: If in Doubt, Shit it Out

Shitting the bloat
I’m not sure who’s footage this is at the nudist fair or whatever it is. IF you know whose it is, pleaes let me know.


The video is mine. It was shot at the Folsom Street East Street Fair in NYC which is basically an S&M event.
It is one of a collection of ten videos I circulated on a DVD at the Q-ME gay media conference in NYC.
Randolfe Wicker [email protected]
Thanks,Randolfe. Sorry for the mix-up. I’ll play more of your stuff soon!

Video Podcast Reflections on the Video iPod

I bitch.

Quicktime 7 Required and iTunes 6.0 preferred.

Transmestite (InsaneFilms VideoCast)

Crazy trannies.

RIP Eulabelle (VLOG)

This is in memory of ShAoLiN’s cat Eulabelle!

Shaolin was a major influence on Madge Weinstein’s accent, as you may notice in this video.

Insane FIlms-No Cream-05.17.05

Coffee and laundry to do.

QT7 Only. Sorry.